Protecting Assets, Facilities, and Infrastructure

Risk Mitigation Consulting

Expertise in Mission Assurance and Protection Programs

RMC was founded for the purpose of improving the protection of our customer’s assets and resources – personnel, facilities, networks, and infrastructure. 

We conduct risk assessments at military installations worldwide, contribute to innovative risk strategies, and establish program-wide benchmarks.

Our engineers improve the energy security and resiliency of facilities to assist our customers in meeting DoD energy program goals.

Our Expertise


Conducting comprehensive mission analysis of essential tasks and functions on operational units worldwide.


Implementing cybersecurity controls using a deep understanding of actions and priorities based on mission criticality.


RMC Technology Operations

Assessing facility infrastructure to identify risks and provide recommendations for resilient and secure operations.

Intelligence and Analysis

Providing specialized data collection and analysis for intelligence reports, knowledge management, and training.

Program Support

Supporting customers at the Pentagon and Navy offices with technical expertise, report writing, and training support.


Efficient and Effective Cybersecurity Solutions

RMC develops innovative methods to solving the most difficult and challenging cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Customer Focused

We are a team of skilled and talented professionals focused on customer mission success.

Quality Services

We have delivered more full-scope risk-based assessments for Navy and USMC installations than any other contractor.

Value Added Proposition

We offer the flexibility and efficiency of a small business with the expertise and skills of a large business.