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Our cyber teams provide System Owners with Risk Management Framework expertise to efficiently meet the rigid standards set by the DoD’s accreditation process.

Cybersecurity Capability Brief
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RMC Cybersecurity Capabilities

Customer Testimonial

“I wanted to commend your company for the excellent cybersecurity support that we have been receiving here at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. The support that we have received has exceeded our expectations and is becoming critically important to the successful implementation of an integrated smart grid that will allow us to become the first installation in the DoD to achieve Net Zero.”

RMC Cybersecurity


Strategy and Management

Our cyber experts build comprehensive strategies and solutions grounded in proven techniques to address all attack vectors associated with large-scale utility control systems; including cloud and mobility requirements, as well as addressing the challenges of insider threats.

Risk Assessments

  • Program and capability assessments
  • Future-state strategy
  • Program transformation roadmaps
  • Implementation

RMC focuses on what matters mostdelivering risk-based analysis and action-oriented recommendations.

Securing Control Systems

Our Control System cybersecurity experts ensure the resilience, safety, proper operation, and availability of operational technology. 

Accreditation & Compliance Services

All Federal Agency and DoD information systems are required to undergo a formal risk management process throughout their lifecycles and are mandated to use the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF).  RMC helps customers achieve their RMF and cybersecurity goals while minimizing impact to missions and business objectives.

Staff Qualifications:

RMC's Cybersecurity teams have extensive experience in cybersecurity design, implementation, testing, and policy guidance for security controls, SCADA, industrial control systems, and traditional IT systems.

  • Certified Information System Security Professionals
  • Global Industrial Control System Professional
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional
  • Navy and USMC Validators
  • Active duty military experience across all services and components

Innovative Solutions

Cost Efficiency and Improved Security

RMC assisted MCICOM and NAVFAC in the design and development of a secure network for control systems. This secure Control System Platform Enclave provides improved security at a significantly reduced cost using reusable security controls and enterprise management strategies.

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Case Study:

Customer Need:

USN and USMC installations required expert services to evaluate the cybersecurity posture, vulnerabilities, and potential impact of all mission related control systems.

RMC Process:

RMC organized scalable cybersecurity teams to assess USN and USMC CONUS and OCONUS Installation locations. RMC developed the methodology and conducted assessments using standardized methodologies, program guides, and benchmarks.  Data is collected, analyzed, and consolidated into a comprehensive report of the risks and vulnerabilities.

Customer Satisfaction:

Each report contains actionable mitigation recommendations for the installations.  RMC assists USN and USMC Installations with cybersecurity management services to improve the cybersecurity of the systems. As a result of RMC's assistance and cybersecurity expertise, Installations have reduced their vulnerabilities and achieved Authority to Operate conditions.


Division Leadership

James Lutz, Security+ CISSP CSSLP CEH

Director, Cyber & Technology Operations

Mr. Lutz brings over sixteen years of experience in system validation, cybersecurity vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, secure software development, Computer Network Defense (CND), Certification and Accreditation (C&A), Information Assurance (IA) and Information Technology (IT). Lutz leads RMC's Cyber Operations group which supports all aspects of validation and vulnerability assessments, secure software development, CND, C&A, cybersecurity, network operations, and Incident Response. Mr. Lutz has extensive experience with integrating Information Assurance practices into the Software Development Lifecycle for large-scale applications and systems and has managed 24x7 Security Operations Center’s with intrusion detection and prevention, incident response, and perimeter defense capabilities. Lutz's experience includes implementation of DIACAP/Risk Management Framework processes, risk management and mitigation plans, policy development, and enforcement of Government and DoD Cybersecurity requirements.

RMC's Cyber Operations group has grown significantly under Mr. Lutz's leadership. Lutz and his team perform pre-DISA Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRI) and USMC Cyber Security site assessments. The Cyber Operations team performs vulnerability assessments and system security engineering for new systems and applications prior to placing them on the Marine Corps Enterprise Network. His management of the cyber team includes assessment and review of Configuration Management plans, Quality Assurance plans, user manuals, and Information System Security Plans and COOP/disaster recovery plans. Lutz was awarded the designation of USMC approved Validator by HQMC C4 DAA and fully qualified Navy Validator.

Lutz holds a Master of Science in Information Assurance and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.