Enhancing Resiliency and Reducing Risk

Technology Operations

Telecommunication services reside on a vast infrastructure of cabling, cellular sites, communications facilities, and an array of radio spectrums. RMC provides the solutions to mitigate the risk of disruption to services.

Managing Risk with GIS Tools

We leverage the power of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to visualize critical assets,
real property, and personnel locations.


Telecommunications Resiliency

  • Telecommunications planning, design, and construction consulting
  • Assess critical infrastructure and systems for capacity, resiliency, and compliance
  • Telecommunications technology solutions for utility distribution, control systems, substations, fiber optics, automated meter reading, satellite, and microwave
  • Wireless communications with intelligent transportation communications and systems

Operational Technology Analysis and Support

  • Strategies for smart grids
  • Wireless and wireline communication solutions, including vehicle safety systems and security applications
  • Automation, Lifecycle, Change Control, Configuration Management, and Modernization

GIS Analysis, Services, and Tools

  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Data Visualization for utilities – electric, water, wastewater, telecommunications, fuels
  • Geospatial Intelligence and Mashups
  • Automate data collection


Improving Reliability and Security:

The use of technologies and devices that detect, control, and monitor operational environments is increasing. Field devices are beneficial to minimize labor costs, increase safety, and improve productivity, but they expose organizations to network security, configuration management issues, and uncertain life-cycle costs.

RMC assesses these technologies and develops the solutions to protect critical assets and ensure reliable operations between utility and infrastructure technologies.

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